Mary Stevenson

name Mary Stevenson has owned and bred dogs and has also devoted a great deal of time to studying dogs and thus is considered by some to be an expert on all types and breeds of dogs.

Right Facts About Bichon Frise Dogs

12th February 2008
While it is so easy to fall in love with any breed of dog, Bichon Frise dogs seem to be able to get the most attention when it comes to people falling in love at first sight. But there is more to know about selecting a dog than whether or not you think it... Read >

Bichon Frise: From Barbichon To Bichon

24th January 2008
The Bichon Frise is descended from the Barbet or Water Spaniel, much like his cousin the Caniche and was originally known as a Barbichon, which was later shortened to Bichon. In addition, there are four different categories of the Bichon, which include th... Read >